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Born in Parma - Italy in 1974 I begun working in graphic design after scientific study. I had experience in advertising and web communication for web italian agency. I starded composing art works at 18 years old, and after a long period of inactivity I felt the need to restart in art working. My Australian Project born after a long journey in Au. Following Filippo Lilloni in his documentary work in Australia based on Aborigenal matter I had the occasion to travel in the heart of Australia taking thousands of photos on wich I decided to built my new art works.

I work with photos, my photos. And with my Mac. I get images from evrithing gives me emotions. Somethings connects objects and places in a second dimension. My effort is to put togheter this elements making them create a new element.

I begun working in art composition more than 10 years ago, but i stoped for a long period. During 2008 I looked in myself to find new energy to give shape to my world. The "Australian Project" starts after a long jurney in Sydney, Melbourne and Alice Spring. Working on a documentary project I felt again painting suggestion coming back. I decided to give time and energy to this feeling and I'm going to produce a complex group of paintings.

"NYC Vinil Record" Is the first expo I'm going to partecipate in New York. 50 artist coming from USA and other countries will produce 5 operas on vinil 12" records. I decided to produce Italian mood compositions giving a strong contrast between the modernity of the expo and the oldItalian style.


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About my art inspiration
Robert Rauschenberg
Julian Schnabel
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Mario Schifano
Franz kline
Julian Schnabel
Mimmo Rotella
Wim Wender photographer

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